Congratulations on your new Prairie longbow!

Each Prairie Panther is a limited edition, autographed and numbered signature bow handcrafted by professional bowhunting writer/photographer Joe Blake, and is a top-notch hunting weapon that should provide many years of enjoyment and service with proper care. Each Prairie Wildcat is a mirror image of the Panther…same great looks and performance without being limited or autographed and without the options in building materials.

Your Prairie Longbow has a 2-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship as follows: 100% the first year and 50% the second year after you have received your bow. Proper care of your longbow will insure a long life for your Prairie Panther or Prairie Wildcat. Proper care includes:

*Always using a quality bow stringer when stringing or unstringing your bow; failure to use a bow stringer is dangerous to the operator as well as to the bow and will void your warranty. Shooting and hunting with any bow is inherently dangerous and the bowyer assumes no responsibility for accidents that may occur.

*Never leave your longbow strung for extended periods of time if you are not shooting it…with regular use a bow can be left strung almost indefinitely, but if you will not be using it for weeks on end it should be unstrung and stored properly, which means hung on a hook or laying flat on a rack or shelf…never stand your bow on end in a corner somewhere as limb twist is likely. If you shoot it regularly throughout the year it can be left strung; actually, the strain of stringing and unstringing your longbow is harder on the bow than leaving it braced as long as it is being used regularly.

*Never leave your bow anywhere that it will be exposed to extreme heat or cold, such as in a closed vehicle on a sunny day, as delamination is likely to occur. Avoid leaving your bow in direct sunlight for long periods for the same reason and do not store your Prairie longbow close to a heat source such as a stove or fireplace.

Your Prairie Longbow comes standard with an elk hide grip, arrow rest, and sight window plate, as well as a fleece bow sock, Prairie Longbows T-shirt, and a Flemish bowstring made of B-50 Dacron. Your bowstring will have a nock point installed at 5/8” above 90 degrees, but this is just a reference point and you may have to adjust your nock up or down depending on your shooting style. Your string will also come standard with a pair of Catwhiskers string silencers installed. I recommend continued use of B-50 strings as they are much more forgiving, they are quieter than modern materials, and they are much less stressful to the bow than other materials; however, I will warranty your bow with modern materials used for the strings so long as you informed me of your intentions to do so before you ordered your Prairie Longbow so I could adjust the tip overlays accordingly.

Other than that, get out and shoot often and enjoy your Panther or Wildcat! Longbows are the perfect hunting weapons for anyone willing to spend the time getting to know his or her bow and who understands and accepts its strengths as well as its limitations. Superb accuracy is possible under hunting conditions with regular and proper practice and there is an intangible feeling that comes with carrying a longbow in your hand as you enter the woods that borders on being mystical…Enjoy!

Hunt hard, have fun, and may Lady Luck be your constant fireside companion…