Prairie Longbows

Imagine a simpler time: a time when hunting skills and woodsmanship determined your ability as a bowhunter; a time when our hectic daily lives were slower and more fulfilling; a time before computers, cell phones, and video games; a time when success was measured by time spent in the woods pursuing your passion with family and friends … time spent with a graceful bent stick in hand …

Listen to the wind in the quakies, the gentle babble of a nearby brook, and the haunting cry of a loon on a nearby lake. Feel your heartbeat quicken as the primal screams of a rutting bull elk reaches your ears, or the guttural bellow of a love-sick moose, or the throaty, tending grunts of an amorous whitetail buck. Feel the crisp autumn air fill your lungs as frost shimmers along the edges of a mountain meadow, and marvel at the kaleidoscope of color as Mother Nature paints the countryside with a myriad of brush strokes. Now become an integral part of the landscape as you melt into the forest with your longbow cradled gently in your bow hand … welcome to Prairie Longbows.

Prairie Longbows are handcrafted by professional bowhunter Joe Blake, one at a time, at his shop in west-central Minnesota. Each bow is painstakingly worked from birth to completion by the bowyer to bring you the very finest hunting bow available today.

Prairie Longbows are the ultimate hunting bow: short, quick handling, extremely smooth shooting, quiet, and fast, and they have proven themselves on all manner of big and small game across North America. Their reflex-deflex design makes them a pure joy to shoot and serious bowhunters from across the U.S. and Canada are singing their praises … how about you?

Joe Blake, Prairie Longbows
404 So. Clayborn Ave.
Parkers Prairie, MN. 56361

(218) 338-5316
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prairie longbows

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